Course board


Council course

The council course is composed by official professors of the course’s teaching and by researchers who carry out teaching support activities, as well as by students representing 20 percent of the other members.

Students representative:


ANWAR Arslan –

BRUGNANO Francesco –


LORUSSO Giacomo Luca –


ROTA Jessica –

SOTGIU Eleonora –

ZONI Lorenzo –


The council courses assignment is disciplined by the University didactics regulation

Quality Assurance Reference (RAQ)

BAIARDI Donatella


Quality didactics manager (MQD)

TROIANO Giuseppina


Re-examination group

MARCHINI Pier Luigi (course President), BAIARDI Donatella (RAQ), TROIANO Giuseppina (MQD),

CARDINALI Maria Grazia, GANDOLFI Gino, LANDINI Fabio, MILIOLI Maria Adele, RIANI Marco (Professors),

BERTOLI Giorgia, CARBONARO Alessandro, GAUDIO Flavia (students representative)


Delegate for incoming orientation and tutoring



Delegate for outbound orientation



Referent for international exchanges

WOLLEB Guglielmo


Referent for training internships



Referent for equal opportunities and weak groups



Course of study Committee

The Economics and Management institution was preceded by the consultation of the social partners which took

place during the period between 10/11/2008-13/11/2008, by electronic means. On that occasion, the Faculty of

Economics was represented by the Dean, Prof. Gianpiero Lugli. The parties involved have been privileged as they

were present in the sectoral areas of economy in respect to which the Academic programs are addressed. In

particular, the productive world references were represented by:


1) Business partner of Ad Mirabilia srl;

2) Vice President of the Monte of Parma’s Foundation;

3) President of Chartered Certified Accountants and Accounting expert of Parma;

4) Director of the Parma industrial union;

5) Deputy Manager Ascom/Confcommercio of Parma;

6) General Executive Director Parmalat S.p.A.;

7) Commercial Development Manager of Danone S.p.A.;

8) Executive director of Bank of Italy’s branch of Parma;

9) Executive Manager of CONAD Scarl’s Commercial Brand.


In the presence of a Unified Course of Studies, the choice to establish and activate an only one Course of Study

Committee for the three-year degree courses and postgraduate degree courses was adopted inside of the Department that

would coordinate the Academic programs promoted by the same Department.

In anticipation of the previous partition Council of Study in different and specified Study Courses (actually implemented in

December 2017), and following a reflection by Presidents of the Department of Economics and Management of the

different courses of study on the objectives PRO3, it was considered appropriate to activate a specific Council Course for

each course of study, with similar functions to the one previously active, able to support the individual CdS so that the

same was involved in consultations on relevant topics for the CdS itself.

The year 2017 has been characterized from a first phase in which it was used the collaboration of the Unified Council

Course met on 9 June 2017.


The Council Course is composed of:

1) (Credit Agricole) Responsible of Human Resource Management

2) (GEA Procomac ) Head of Business Development Liquid Filling & Packaging

3) (Dallara) Chairman

4) (Gea Procomac) Managing Director

5) (B Ventures) Chairman

6) (Bormioli) Executive Director of Administration and Finance

7) (Federmanager) Vice President

8) (SKG Italia) Financial Manager of the Department of Administration Finance and Control

9) (KPMG Advisory) Chairman

10) (Cruises Logistic USA INC) Managing Director

11) (Unicredit) Area Manager Area Parma


As well as the following professors pertaining the Department of Economics and Management: Alessandro Arrighetti, Mario Menegatti, Paolo Andrei, Andrea Cerioli, Giulio Tagliavini, Guido Cristini, Luca Di Nella, also including the individual referents (now Presidents) of the Course of Study.

Following consultation with the companies by the Presidents of the degree courses, in November 2017 the institution of different Council Courses for the postgraduate Degree Courses ADA, FRIM and TRADE have been deliberated by the Department Council.

In regards of the three-year degree courses CLEM and FOOD, and the postgraduate Degree Course IBD, the choice to maintain the original Council Course has been evaluated as coherent.

In particular, the choice for the CLEM degree course was made as in the previous years the Council Course had participated at all the development phases of the same Course of Study, that represents the reference base for the subsequent development of the students careers in the following postgraduate degree courses.